The story of the film ‘Shamshera’ is from the same period, on which a weak film Yash Raj Films made ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. Since that film, Aamir Khan has not come out with any new film and how much attraction Amitabh Bachchan has left at the box office, it can be understood from the results of films like ‘Chehre’, ‘Jhund’ and ‘Runway 34’. Is. On the basis of hollow research, the world of these stories is actually very fake. This is also the biggest drawback of Ranbir Kapoor’s comeback film ‘Shamshera’ after four years on the big screen. Here, the director has dealt with the entire film in just two places. It is not known whether anything else happened in the world then or not. Yash Raj Films hasn’t had a good golden jubilee year and the company’s last release ‘Shamshera’ this year is also looking tough at the box office. There is only as much difference in thinking and making the film as in writing the name of the film’s writer Khila Bisht in Hindi as ‘Beast’ in the opening credits.

Freedom of the tribe, not of the country
This is the story of Shamshera, who coined the slogan ‘Karam se dacoit, Dharam se azaad’. Shamshera, the chieftain of the Khmeran tribe expelled from Rajputana to North India, gets caught in the tricks of the British and imprisons his entire tribe in Kaza. While trying to escape, he is killed and his son Balli begins dreaming of becoming an officer of the British platoon himself with the tag of ‘Fugitive’s child’. When his eyes of wisdom open, he manages to escape from the same underwater tunnel that his father could not find. He mobilizes his father’s old comrades and some new comrades. According to the condition of the British, people who came out to collect gold for the independence of their tribe, consider Bally to be Shamshera and he also starts writing his name as Shamshera on the walls.

Villain over Hero
The second focal point of the story of the film ‘Shamshera’ is Daroga Shuddh Singh. When he comes on screen, voices like the films of the ‘Harry Potter’ series are heard in the background. The story goes from 1871 to 1896, but this is such a doctor who does not even progress in the last 25 years. Shuddh Singh, who played a key role in ending the old Shamshera, is conceited that he will catch the new Shamshera as well. But when his pride breaks down, English officer Freddy Young is sent to the spot. After that the story drags on. The script starts gasping. The dialogues start repeating themselves and the entire film becomes a spectacle that fails to recover the audience’s money.

Poor script and below average dialogues
Director Karan Malhotra has written the screenplay of the film along with his wife Ekta. While writing this, both Karan and Ekta have not paid attention to creating the atmosphere around the main characters of the film. Apart from Nagina and Kaza, there was something in the world at that time, it is not known in the whole film. The dialogues written by Piyush Mishra do not create the effect of the time when the propaganda of Khari Boli had just started spreading in the country. There is not a single character in the film speaking Awadhi and Braj which were important dialects of those days in North India. Through the character of Saurabh Shukla, Piyush Mishra has left by simply touching the prevailing verse dialogue style of that time.

Art direction the weakest link in the film
The direction of the film ‘Shamshera’ is also below average. Its set in Film City was prepared by some three thousand artisans together in two months, but if the set of the film remained visible, then the purpose of making it would not have been achieved. The film ‘Shamshera’, which is completed like a project, does not have cinema. This is one such spectacle shot on camera that looks completely fake, just like another Yash Raj Films film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’. There is a lot of grandeur in the film but its soul remains lost. Anay Goswami has cleverly shot the film in chroma background but his weakness is caught in the songs of the film. Shivkumar Panicker has done the editing of the film with full arms, such a long film should not have been on this story.

Film based on Ranbir and Sanjay Dutt
And now, about the cast of the film. Like every film of his, Ranbir Kapoor has tried his best to bring life to both his characters here. He is also the first reason to watch this film, but as his father Rishi Kapoor explained to him to stay away from films with dhoti, Ranbir Kapoor has not shown the same understanding here. As a helpless husband he tries his best to make an impact. But his performance as a dysfunctional son and lover of a dancer doesn’t work out well. Bally’s hiding to save his life at the time of his son’s birth also weakens his character. Sanjay Dutt in the role of Shuddh Singh is overwhelming him in every scene in the film. Sanjay Dutt is getting stronger film after film as a great villain in the current era. Iravati Hershey’s performance is better than Vaani Kapoor in the rest of the film’s cast. Saurabh Shukla and Ronit Roy feel that the bus has been kept to strengthen the frame.

What can do? Watch or not ?
The music of the film plays the most important role in creating an impact on the screen of films made in a particular period. But, it does not seem that Mithun has tried to do something like this in his songs here. All their equipment is modern. The music of the 19th century is nowhere to be seen in it. The songs of the film are breathless and the background music just makes noise. It was expected from the film ‘Shamshera’ that this film will give a good opportunity to the audience to feel the time period back 150 years and will portray the talent of Ranbir Kapoor well on screen. But the film fails in every department of screenplay, direction, cinematography, music and editing. A die-hard fan of Ranbir Kapoor can muster up the courage to watch the film for Timepass, but for the rest of the audience, the film may seem too cumbersome.



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