Why nowadays people who read books look less than those who read life? Those morality  start showing insignificance? doesn’t?  The body is beautiful, but the mind is muddy!  The more knowledgeable one is, the more explosive he is!  The present is the era of the explosion of knowledge, but the pollution from this explosion is very dangerous.  Today more precious gems are conducted and more destructive pollution is thought of as pollution.  Philosophy today is only looking for a black cat in the dark night, the love of knowledge is not passion at all. The philosophy of life is only a matter of those who study life, because their philosophy tends to be dynamic and education is the dynamic form of philosophy.  

Today, the magic boxes lying in the hands start spewing knowledge and science just by pressing the fingers. Bookworms are looking for life-education in books with a microscope, but for those who read life, the whole life is life’s education. The meaning of education is wide.  The education of bookworms and the education of those who read life, both ultimately lead to the same goal.  Life is education and education is life. Illiterate people are honest, whatever comes in their heart, it is on their tongue. Well educated people, whatever they say by measurement, they are often beyond the truth?  His innocence is only on the face, which people who study life read well. Those who read the books know the principles and applications;  But those who have studied life know both experimentation and research.  Most of the educated people always pretend to smile, laugh, show sympathy and share the pain.  What’s going on in someone’s heart? Except for ‘Kālā Akṣara Bhaiṁs Barābara (so-called uneducated people) no lie detector in the world can be caught. The thinking of some educated but morally down is so pathetic that it is as if society has been made a lab of the uncultured!  On the gate of the people living in luxurious bungalows, it is written – “Beware of dogs”, as if it is not a house, it is a kanji house for dogs. 

NCF-2005 talks about an environment literate who does not know, respects and does not protect the environment, in fact he is environment illiterate and the one who protects the environment is environmentally literate. Of course, people who study life are nature lovers.  They are so sensitive to save the wild animals also when someone harms them.  A film hero of India made a similar mistake of hunting deer  during the shooting, for which he had to bear the brunt for a long time. Biśnoī, who takes bullets on his chest to save Chinkara.  To save the tree, Amritā Biśnoī of Khejarlī village stuck to the tree. Seeing the mother’s murder, two of Amritā’s daughters also clung to the tree to save the tree and their heads were also beheaded.  The people of the whole village started clinging to the Khejri trees and a number of people sacrificed their lives. Perhaps! Was she the same girl who inspired Sunderlāl Bahugunā for the Chipko movement to save trees from contractors?  In Dharharā village of Bihar (India), 5 trees are planted on the birth of a daughter. They love and always admire its beauty. Everyone knows that ornithologist Sālim Alī did not go to any university, somehow he passed the matriculation examination.  He was a nominated member of the Rājya Sabhā ( Council of States), India.  They would understand the speech of the birds and know their meaning through their activities.  Such people are Illiterate in the list of talented. There have been many people in the world who never went to school or college, but they had enough practical knowledge without college. Michael Friday used to do binding in someone’s shop and used to take care and maintenance of vial-bottles, goods in the laboratory of great scientist John Dewey. Faraday began as Dewey’s laboratory assistant and learned chemistry at the elbow of one of the greatest practitioners of the day. It has been said, with some truth, that Faraday was Davy’s greatest discovery. The same Michael Friday created a great revolution in the whole world by generating electricity and then people’s lifestyle  Changed it.  There is a very inspiring story related to him. Once Faraday demonstrated his experiment of simple electromagnetic induction. Out of curiosity, people came from far and wide to see this experiment.  In the crowd of spectators, a woman was also standing with her child on her lap.  Fara Faraday demonstrated his experiment on a table.  The two ends of the coil of copper wires are connected with a needle moving meter.  A bar magnet is rapidly rotated inside the coil of copper wire.  Electricity was generated from this action and the needle of the meter started rotating.  After showing this, Faraday told the audience that electricity could be generated in this way.  Hearing this, the woman got angry and started shouting, this is also an experiment!  Faraday humbly said, “Ma’am, just as your child is still small, my experiment is still in infancy. Today your child is of no use.  That is, it is of no use, in the same way my experiment also seems futile today. But I believe that my experiment will grow very important one day or the other.“ And it happened. His Posthumous scientists proved the significance of his experiment. 

Charlie and Wilbur attach a canoe onto a new Flyer at Governor's Island, New York, October 1909. George Grantham Bain Collection - Library of Congress Catalog: https://lccn.loc.gov/2001704182

The Mechanic Wright brothers, who used to make motor and bicycle punctures in the beginning, invented the aircraft.  The inventor of the bulb, Thomas Edison, was expelled from school for being mentally retarded.  His story is also similar.  The formal education of Albert Einstein, the world’s genius and the greatest scientist ever, was incomplete in formal degrees. He was autistic also. America’s emancipatory President Abraham Lincoln, who studied only six months in secondary school. Know that sufi-saints awaken the subconscious mind through meditation. 

Humans came out of nomadic life and established settlements.  Later settled in cities.  The barbarism and actions of the primitive men are understandable, but today the Civil Society has reached the jungles again with its words, clothes, heartless behavior, messy and disorderly lifestyle and mind-brain? The cruelty is such that even the wilds are shaken! 

Nowadays as the origin of the state of Hobbes it has become again,” Kill whom you can? Take what you can? ” Gun culture has led to the same situation.  The orgy of Leviathan continues to this day.  Leviathan means demon.  According to the theorist Hobbes, one of the theorists of the origin of the state, “The one who was more powerful in the beginning was the king.” 

An interesting example of the understanding of those who read books of life can be given in this way.  An illiterate mother understands her grief from the emotion of her child. What will a mom, on false pride of the world, teach an art of living by taking her child in her lap, relying on Dhaya Ammā (Feeding Maid) and the milk of the bottle ?  A mom who abstains from breastfeeding for the sake of fitness can’t even spread a ‘real smile’ on the lips so that the lipstick doesn’t spread on the lips?  From where will his artificial smile thank nature?  How will such a mom make the child drink nectar within one hour of birth?  Whereas (LBW – Low Birth Weight) only and only colostrum and kangaroo care give life to the child. A rustic woman gives milk to the child immediately after birth.  But it would not be appropriate to say such things to those mothers whose children have been advised by the doctors to feed the milk in the bottle itself.  In the present time, children cannot tell such a dialogue as the children of the past used while fighting, How much have you drunk milk to whomever lioness mother? I have not drunk mother’s milk, “I must have drunk about one thousand bottles of milk?” Today’s child can tell this dialogue in a quarrel.    Whenever there is talk of labor and experience, the image of the farmer unintentionally gets engulfed in the psyche.  He is engaged in his work like an undefeated warrior.  They use their plow or tractor to rip through the surface of the earth and extract food. He tolerates hot and cold nights for the sake of food. The bitter truth of their life gets experience. The farmer is such a meteorologist, who does not need any satellite for forecasting the weather.  The movements of animals, the smell of flowers, the music of prawns and the sight of the sky, relatives like clouds and children like crops give them the weather information. When the butterflies fly down, it is going to rain.  Humidity brings rain in cold weather. Which is good for crops and which is harmful? He knows.  If it rains and the wind does not blow, then the frost will not hit the crop.  If the wind blows, the frost will surely hit. It’s saying:

                   Pūsa jāṛā na māgha jāṛā, 
                   Jaba bayāra taba jāṛā

                  (The wind is the cause of the cold).

A famous hearsay prevalent in society was that, (Pandit ji had sold the horse, the quilt was filled in the caita , of such a cold month). A wise man was constrained to sell his horse to purchase a quilt in the month of Caita because of the heavy cold.

Today the farmer has become a sad story. No one’s company” is not able to save even the water of Svāti (Raindrops are considered as about ambrosia) from the havoc of nature, the capital is gone and the farmer gets a double-triple hit.

Some more working people have a completely different experience, like any seller, hawkers and sweet keepers are very psychologists.  The greedy eyes of the customers are recognized by their connoisseurs. Conversation, gestures, nose twitching, asking prices and other activities make them feel whether the customer will buy the goods or not. 

Talking about the experienced people who study life, have so much experience for first aid.   Even today people in rural environments have knowledge that spit, urine, leaves of Kukraundha (a herb), calendula act as antiseptic when cut.  Grind neem leaves and apply them on the wounds and heal them. Put the neem  bark in water at night and drink it in the morning and use it to purify the blood.  Make the face beautiful by applying fresh milk foam and lemon. The boils are coated with white clay, due to which the boils burst and get cured in two to three days.  The people of the village wash their clothes with black clay and they clean the hair by applying this clay on the head like a shampoo.  In the cities, this soil is sold in the name of Multānī Miṭṭī, from which people do mud-bath, while the people of the village have been doing mud-bath for a long time. Mud bathing is healthy, so it has become quite a trend in cities now.  The tribes are still dependent on natural remedies, they know which plant’s flower, leaf, root and stem etc. are useful in which disease.

Tea containing tulsi-neem increases the immune system in the body.  Mixing Giloy, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, nigella seeds, Black Pepper and Ajawāina etc., making a decoction and drinking it also ends the problem of phlegm.  Even in the covid-19, people have increased their immunity by using these rustic tips.  Hot water, lemon juice and honey reduce obesity. Garlic juice in honey is also very beneficial. The knowledge of the Ayurvedic concept of treatments about Kapha (Phlegm), Pitta (Bile) and Vāyu ( Rheumatic) is known to the people of the village less or more in India. The medical treatment funda depends on climate. Really, treatment is a natural process. That’s why different countries have different processes for treatment. Which is right in India that’s not essential be right in England or Japan.It is said that if all these three are cured, then all the diseases of the body can be cured according to Ayurveda. To keep the stomach healthy by using khicṛī or kedgeree ( An Indian cuisine made of rice and lentils), fasting, sago and isabgol. They cure acidity problems by using the powder of harre, baheṛā, amla, sanay-pattī, kaṭhkarejī, kabāb cīnī, and black salt and rock salt etc.  Their food is simple, which keeps them absolutely safe from disease. The villagers eat bhunja-futaha (Roasted Grains) in the evening, due to which the stomach is cleaned and doesn’t cause disease. 

But urban people make their stomach dustbin by eating jhāldār jhālmurī (Spicy Roasted Grains) and vice versa by eating junk food, which are caused by many diseases. Cārt-Pakorās, chhole bhature, egg rolls, pizza, burgers and pastry cakes and golagappās are enjoyed by the fashionable people by stopping the car. In the market or near the institutions, it is seen that a number of girls eat golagappās. It is also a matter of research that why girls eat more golagappā? 

It is a quite harsh truth that people who read books, if they do not get a satisfying job, their soul wanders throughout their lives, while those who read life, whatever they get, they remain happy. They feed their family even on daily wages and nowadays they have started paying full attention to the education of the children.  It is in their thinking that my children should not become at least a daily wage laborer.  If you don’t believe me, do a case study yourself.  Yes, we will not put any parameters like educated people, otherwise they will not be able to feel their pain.  Don’t even consider yourself a psychoanalyst.  Sahkaṣtī (there is a custom in forest dwelling tribes in Jharkhand state, when there is labor pain, her husband also does the same act as his wife in pain) will not make fun of them. If their condition is to be known, then they have to be friends like pulses to study life.  Don’t touch their aching veins. One has to enter in his heart. You will have to be talked to with love.  You will have to support them in their happiness and sorrow.  Only then it will from the heart (Man Kī Bāt) explode his feelings like lava from his crater.  

One thing is noted. The illiterate-skilled masons make accurate geometric shapes by measuring the surface with their own eyes and make squares without knowing the principle of Pythagoras.  Looking here and there, the potters make up the pots while gossiping.  Handloom carvings, carpentry craftsmanship, colorful hats, bamboo culture of the North-East, carpets of Kashmir, Madhubani paintings, hundred of goldsmiths stroke and one stroke to blacksmiths and village jugāṛa (Makeshifter) technology, the craftsmen of all these things in their own way.  

Non-school going child labor cuts potatoes and onions with knives in a hotel in such a way that the machine also fails.  The compulsion of the child laborers ‘forces them to study life. Their experience is remarkable. The harsh truth of their life teaches them the art of living. But they get opportunity cost (child laborers in lieu of wages for government maintenance. If that child laborer claims that he will study only when he gets the compensation.) It is the duty of the educated people to streamline so that they can read and write their skills.  Understand that the experience of those who read life should not be underestimated by the knowledge of those who read the bundle of information. The cognitive side of bookworms is strong, but the emotional and functional side is slightly weak, it has to be believed. The first step to learning is knowledge, then the last step is skill and those who study life have a little more skill. Virtue, good thoughts and good behavior are the best quality of life.

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Md. Zahid Hussain is a writer as well as an educationist. He was born in the village Diyawan of Nalanda district on 5 January 197. He is presently working as Principal, Upgraded Middle School, Malah Bigha, Chandi (Nalanda), Bihar. Along with this, He is associated with the programmes of SCERT, Patna and BEPC.The author is also a member of the writers group of Bihar textbook, 'Paryavaran Aur Hum' developed by SCERT, Patna. For the past many years, he has been associated with teachers training programmes and related to this discipline, their work has been recently published by 'RedShine Publication', which is named Shikshaṇa Takanīka kī Rūparekhā. He is active in the field of research in history and literature. His work continues to be published in many newspapers, magazines and research journals as stories and articles.


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