“Victory is the beautiful bright coloured flower. Transport is the stem, without which it could never blossomed.”
Winston Churchill

The term ‘transport’ use to movement (of something) from one place to another. It can be used as an action word for carrying, moving, or conveying something from one location to another. The power and prosperity of the nation is directly related to the transport, in the changing global scenario, today only those nations are counted in the powerful and developed category, which have a strong transport system to tie the wide area in one thread. If we look at the pages of history by turning the pages, then only those civilizations or societies have prospered which have made economic progress and in this, the means of transport and communication have contributed significantly. In modern times, transportation has become an essential part of human life and affects every area of ​​human community directly or indirectly.

Talking about the military field, in ancient times the field of wars was limited and the material was used in limited quantities, so there was no need to carry much military material for wars. Even if there was a need, the work was done with the means of transport available at that time. But as the fields of war expanded, the need for more military material arose. The importance of mobility increased in wars, so the need for mobile transport increased. In the beginning, the man himself used to work as a carrier, after that animals and then vehicles and mechanical means were used for transport. At present, only those means are considered important, which can rapidly transport material and armies to other places. In modern times, the distribution and collection of military material as per the need of the army at the earliest considered a very important part of warfare.

Not only the armies but also the means of transport and communication have special importance in national security. The more the means of transport are developed, the more the size of industries and armies can be increased. In his absence, setting up more industries, increasing the number of the army, would have been of no importance. In the 21st century, the means of transport for the armies are the arteries and the means of communication are the sensitive.

For the success of one’s own war strategy on the vast battlefield, there is a need for an advanced logistic system. The logistics department can function efficiently only when highly developed resources are available in the country. Transportation and transportation of goods of military importance, food items, equipment, weapons and soldiers to the battlefronts, etc., depend only on the best transport. In hilly, swampy and desert areas, these areas are considered to be the most inaccessible due to lack of development of transport.

The use of technology has become common in modern wars and along with it its impact on wars is also evident. From the end of the 19th century, technology began to have a decisive influence on warfare. In 1871, the Prussian generals were able to quickly mobilize military forces at selected places on the war front, taking advantage of the railway system built in the country. The Prussian emperors made full use of the railways to quickly move armies from one place to another, so that logistics could be sent to the front and the sick and wounded could be quickly removed from the battlefield.

In today’s nuclear age, the importance of transportation has increased the most. Today a slight lapse of time can be harmful for our military operations. The transport system is considered a strong pillar to save people from war, natural calamities (Uttarakhand Flood, Jammu and Kashmir Flood, Bihar Flood, etc. is best examples.), and other problems. The transfer of military equipment, soldiers, and war chiefs during the war is only possible through an advanced transport system. During the period of natural calamities, a developed transport system is essential to send the needed help to the affected areas and people. In addition, the transport system helps in establishing the relationship between different parts of the people and strengthens the sense of unity and brotherhood among the people. In the end, we can say it has proved to be a boon in the true sense.

From the point of view of national security, more and more airports and airstrips should be built in the border areas, so that the troops of the forward fronts can get full air support. Along with this, a high-quality radar system should be installed in the border area so that enemy attacks can be thwarted. From the military point of view, there is a need to build more and more airports in the Himalayan region at this time, because all other means of transport in this area have proved unsuccessful. Therefore, only strong air transport can remove the logistic difficulty of the region. One expert rightly said – “Air transport is the best mode of supply to most places. It is the only means of delivery of goods at certain places and it is the fastest means of delivery of goods to any place.”

Armed forces and national security are also not untouched by the impact of transport. Along with this, the role of transport is also important in administrative control and dealing with emergencies. Transport and communication play a vital role in national security.



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