COVID-19 corona virus Significant changes in the lives of people developed only after the introduction around the world. Fever, cough and phlegm, fatigue, shortness of breath, body and headache, chills etc.It is believed to be a symptom of corona. In the first four decades of the korana virus, the technology sector is known for major changes. Due to this, lockout has been done all over the world.  Since the bandh for about a month in the country, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 has increased considerably. Thank and thank the doctors, nurses, policemen and scavengers. Our social workers involved in these difficult situations have also done a different job. Careless and helpless people, whose economic condition is not good, have to work for ration distribution, but the world economy is thinking about the impact on the world economy. The government announced a lockout to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. If the figures are to be believed, the Kovid-19 from the Asia-Pacific region could suffer a loss of $ 620 billion. Public health officials in the US have forecast that 70% of the US population may be exposed to coronavirus, which causes the deadly disease COVID-19. Officials have warned that the US hospital system can be filled with coronovirus patients. The fear of the virus is filling the hearts and minds of people around the world. It has been seen that many times it is common to ignore and control common cough and colds. Diseases take chaotic form due to exiting from. For this reason, people kept cleaning their hands and taking care of their health, with the treatment of Hamopathy and Ayushya method, it is now possible that there can be some improvement in this matter. Even in the face of this huge crisis – you can control or reduce or completely eliminate your anxiety and fear. Take a break from news and social media to take care of yourself. Talk to people, understand the facts and breathe freely. And finally, our advice is not to worry, be happy, make yourself and people around you aware. Our doctors, health experts, our governments and other officials are engaged in dealing with this epidemic day and night.

The first woman to discover the coronavirus in humans was the daughter of a Scottish bus driver who left school at the age of 16.  His name was June Alameda, who wanted to write his name in the list of people in the field of virus imaging. After completing school at the age of 16, June started a technician job in a lab in the city of Glasgow.  She later moved to London to explore new possibilities and in the year 1954 she married Venezuelan artist Enrique Alameda. The couple, a few years after their marriage, according to George Winter, author of the research medical field on the common cold-cold Had moved to the city of Toronto, Canada. But in the time of the Kovid-19 epidemic, June’s work is being discussed and his discovery is at the center of discussion.  -19 is a new virus, but it is the same type of coronavirus which was first discovered by Dr. Almeida in a lab located at St. Thomas Hospital in London in 1964. While working in this institute he mastered such a method.  With the help of which the virus became very easy to visualize. Those days were doing research on common cold and cold in the Salisbury area of ​​UK. George Winter reported that Dr.  Inter Tyrell collected several samples of nasal fluids during the cold and his team found viruses found during the common cold in almost all the samples, but one specimen named B-814.  This specimen was examined with the help of Doctor June Alameda through an electron microscope.  This sample was sent to Dr. Alameda for examination, who said after the test that ‘this virus looks like influenza, but it is not something, but something different from it.  And this is the virus that was later identified by Doctor June Almeida as the coronavirus.

COVID-19 forced the world to press the ‘reset’ button. The first four decades of COVID-19, the corana virus, are known for major changes in the technology sector. Cell phones and planes connected people around the world.  Banking and entertainment services were now just a click away. However, more than entertainment or other services, the real ability of technology to bring about significant changes in the lives of the poor around the world was developed only after the arrival of the Korana virus. The people of upper middle class and above had benefited from technology in all aspects of life. However, the experience was not the same for a village farmer or a pregnant woman from a poor family trying to access health services. Symptoms of corona virus The main symptom of corona virus is high fever.  It is a concern if children and adults reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius) or above. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 88 percent have fever, 68 percent cough and coughs when infected with the corona virus, 38 percent have fatigue, 18 percent have trouble breathing, 14 percent have body and head pain,11 percent have chills and 4 percent have diarrhea symptoms. Running nose i.e. running nose is not considered a symptom of corona virus. Consider these symptoms to identify the corona High fever: If a person has a high fever with a dry cough, then he must be checked once. If your temperature is 99.0 and 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, then it will not be considered fever.  It is a matter of concern only if the temperature reaches 100 ° F (37.7 ° C) or above. Phlegm and dry cough: It has been found that the corona virus causes phlegm but the infected person has a whooping cough. Breathing problems: Within 5 days of getting infected with the corona virus, a person may have trouble breathing. The problem of breathing is actually due to the phlegm spreading in the lungs. Flu-Colored Symptoms: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), infected with the corona virus can sometimes cause fever, cough, respiratory problems, as well as flu and cold symptoms. Diarrhea and vomiting: Symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting have also been seen in people infected with corona.  Such symptoms have been found in about 30 percent people. Lack of smell and taste: In many cases it has been found that people infected with corona have a decreased ability to smell and taste. The number of people infected with coronavirus disease – COVID-19 is 24 million. It is over. In America, 40 thousand people have died from it.  More than 8 lakh people are infected there. In India also the number of infected people has crossed 20000. Its medicine is not available yet.  Therefore, avoidance is the only way.

In India, the threat of covid-19 has not spread at the community level.  According to the data, till April 5, nearly 90 thousand covid-19 tests have been conducted in India, in which around 3200 positive cases have been found.  Based on this data, about 3.5 percent of the total test people in India have been found positive. While the number of people found positive in America, Italy, Spain and Germany is much higher than in India.  In countries like Italy, America, Spain and Germany, the average of positive cases in the total test is also much higher than the positive cases of India. It is an immediate relief for India.  However, there is also a demand that the number of random tests in India should be increased.  According to the Health Ministry, the government has moved in this direction. The government has almost finalized plans to expand the capacity to 10,000 tests per day to 20,000.  In such a situation, it is possible that more and more sample tests can be done in India through ‘rapid testing’. After proceeding on this bold policy, when it seemed that the conditions were going to be strengthened, at the same time unfortunate ‘ The storm of religious fervor took place in Nizamuddin Markaz of ‘Tabligi Jamaat’. Thousands of people from India and abroad gathered in Nizamuddin Markaz and spread them in every corner of the country. Wherever hoardings were discovered in the investigation, a large number of corona positive deposits were.  Then suddenly corona-positive cases started increasing. Even more surprise and disappointment arose when the people involved in the Jamaat started attacking police and doctors instead of cooperating in medical examination. The situation has become such that the police have to conduct raids to catch the hoarders and still hundreds of hoards are hidden somewhere. It would not be wrong to say that in the face of a country already beset with challenges, the tabulat Jamaat has opened the doors to new and frightening challenges.  As an example, the team that went for corona investigation in Indore was attacked.  The policeman was attacked in Uttar Pradesh. Reports of non-cooperation of people gathering with doctors in quarantine centers are constantly coming to the fore. The question is, why is Jamati doing this?  What is their intention

To prevent the spread of corona virus infection, it is very important to recognize its symptoms. Corona virus can be controlled only by identifying the symptoms. The best way to avoid According to the WHO, the best way to avoid the corona virus is to wash your hands briefly with soap-water for at least 20 seconds. Apart from this, hand sanitizer containing alcohol can also be used to keep hands virus free. Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible without cleaning hands. Avoid visiting crowded place. Avoid coming in contact with a patient who is coughing or sneezing. To prevent the virus from spreading, it is advisable to wear masks to those who are coughing, sneezing or fever or breathing problems. According to the WHO, it is mandatory to maintain a distance of at least one meter to avoid infection. Along with the Corona virus, a round of rumors and speculations about it have also gained momentum. However, most of these are incorrect. The World Health Organization (WHO) is constantly making people aware to remove confusion. Another claim is being made about the corona virus that as the heat increases its outbreak will reduce. WHO has made a big disclosure about this. Also, the whole world is advised to fight it seriously. Corona virus can spread anywhere, whether the weather is hot or humid.  At present, there is no such study nor any fact, on the basis of which it can be estimated that the virus will be eradicated automatically in hot weather or humid climate. There is no firm study on this virus yet.  So far, it is believed that this virus will be eradicated automatically as the temperature rises or its outbreak will be greatly reduced. However, there is no scientific confirmation of this. This suggestion was given to take a bath with hot water to avoid corona virus.  In this, the WHO had clearly stated that the corona virus cannot be avoided by bathing with hot water.  The reason behind this was stated that the normal human body temperature is from 36.5 ° C to 37 ° C.  When the virus can spread in the body in such a heat, it is wrong to claim to avoid it by taking a bath with hot water or to eradicate it in hot weather.  On the contrary, bathing with more hot water can burn the skin.

The Indian government has confirmed on January 30 that the first signs of corona virus have been found in a student from Wuhan University in China. This student’s medical report has confirmed this. The student is from Kerala.  His condition is stable and he was kept under observation. After this, there are more than 20 thousand carona patients in India today. Government of India also issued advisory India has also asked to inform the Health Center immediately on getting symptoms of Corona virus 24-hour control room has been prepared by the Health Ministry. At the same time, the most frightening situation in the world is that of America, so far the death toll due to Corona virus has exceeded 41 thousand. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with this virus in the US has exceeded 74.6 lakhs while it has caused 41,379 deaths so far. Although New York, which was the epicenter of the corona epidemic in America, is now seeing a decrease in recent cases of corona. New York Governor Andrew Kumo said, “If the data remains the same and the recent cases of corona infection continue to decline in a similar way, then it can be said that the situation here is getting better than before.”  But whether this situation will continue or not, nothing can be said about it. “In addition, he has announced that from next week, Kovid-19 Endbody Testing Campaign will be started in the state so that the number of infected can be accurately estimated. He said that corona test of 14 thousand people will be done every week.

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedross A. Gabrieus warned about the corona virus epidemic that ‘an even worse time is yet to come.’ He said that the world is yet to see a worse form of the epidemic that has arisen from the virus. WHO’s director, however, did not say  Why are they finding things worse than bad.  But it is believed that now the situation in the continent of Africa can be uncontrollable due to which the number of deaths can increase manifold. On the other hand, European countries and the United States are preparing to relax restrictions. But the WHO has appealed to all countries of the world to take precaution. For this reason, the Government of India has extended the period of this lock down to 3 May. However, from today the government has talked about opening some offices and establishments in a phased manner and has given some guidelines. This virus disaster is going to have a significant impact on the politics, economics, social and psychological platforms around the world. Doctors and medical staff in its treatment, if medical scientists are trying to find its vaccine, then economists can research the problems related to this imposed solitude, potential economies in the post-coronary world, social scientists, how will it affect social relations, and psychologists. Have been. There is hardly any virus or pandemic in recent history that has affected the world as much as Corona is doing. The plague in 1918 caused havoc in the country, but its impact was not as widespread in the absence of communication and transport.  Could be as much as Corona currently has. At the time of November-December, when the news of people suffering from the virus from Vuhan and their forced homes were stopped, it seemed that this is only a problem of Chinese who eat the invasive things and it will be confined to that yellow land. But it reached Britain and America, infecting Italy, Spain, Germany and the whole of Europe by the old silk route and the now-built OBOR. Then came to India from there.  Initially called a biological warfare and a man-made tragedy, it was later discovered that it is a naturally occurring deadly virus that resembles flu symptoms and infects and kills the respiratory tract. If there is a new virus, there is no vaccine. Although viral scientists are doing research on this, they have not found any success so far. No epidemic remains equal and it will not survive. Later on, some vaccine will be developed or some specific type of community immunity will be generated by which the society will be less affected by this disease.


Shocking report on Coronavirus in India, Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc In India (August), the impact of Korana will be reduced in August, 25 lakh patients will reach hospital after suffering from Corona- John Hopkins University, New Delhi. The travail of Coronavirus continues worldwide. More than 25 lakh people have been affected by this virus and more than 1 lakh 70 thousand people have died. Corona outbreaks are also increasing rapidly in India. John Hopkins University has reported that the corona virus effect in India will end by the end of July or mid-August. The report said that the maximum number of people in the entire country from mid-April to mid-mid to be infected with corona will be admitted to hospitals.  However, this number will continue to decrease in mid-July and the virus is expected to end by the month of August. Around 2.5 million people of India will reach the hospital after being caught by the virus. In India, about 1 million ventilators will be needed. But, right now there are only 30 to 50 thousand ventilators here. Apart from this, all the hospitals of the country will have to work very hard for the next three months. The situation may be such that India will also have to build temporary hospitals like China and other countries. Not only this, care should also be taken not to spread the infection from other hospitals. The report also claimed that the process of investigation here is also slow, the more the investigation, the more accurate results will be found. A study by John Hopkins University states that the elderly population needs to take more care of social distancing. The longer the lockdown, the more people will be left. The report also states that the rise in temperature and humidity will have little effect on the infection or spread of the virus, but that will not be enough.  Because temperature does not seem to have much effect on this virus.

For the future challenges of Covid-19, the world is getting ready in its own way out of which India in view of the increasing corona cases in the country, the Modi government has taken many steps to face any challenge in future. These include marking ICU beds and ventilators by city and ensuring safety measures for healthcare professionals. An increase in the number of corona-infected patients in the country has been handed over to the Ministry of Health since the country’s three-week lockdown Covid-19 The number of positive cases of covid19 is increasing significantly. Modi government has taken many steps to face any challenge in future. These include marking the ICU beds and ventilators according to the cities and ensuring safety measures for healthcare professionals. If the number of corona virus infected patients continues to increase, then at least 3000 ICU beds and 1500 ventilators will be required in Delhi. Similarly, 2500 ICU beds, 1250 ventilators in Mumbai and 2000 ICU beds and 1000 ventilators in Bengaluru will be needed. The report suggested creating dedicated Covid-19 care centers for symptomatic patients.  The report states that patients up to 60 years of age should be admitted to Covid-19 hospital and there should be ICU facility for patients above 65 years. The AHPI has also suggested mapping the population according to each district to monitor the pace of the pandemic. The Health Ministry has sent a letter to the state governments as per the recommendations of the AHPI, a special hospital for Covid-19 patients or for them.  Separate blocks have been asked to be opened in hospitals only, so that patients are least likely to come in contact with others. PPEs (purse) for all employees of Health Department L’Protection Equipments)’re facing criticism over shortages Ministry of Health has intensified the process of supply in this direction. 21 lakh PPEs have been ordered. Every day 6 to 7 thousand such pieces are needed 3.34 lakh PPEs are present at present. 3 lakh and will come by 4 April. Ten thousand PPEs have been donated by Red Cross.  The order of 20 lakh bodysuits has been given to a Korean company which will start supplying in 10 days.  DRDO will start producing 20,000 N-99 masks every day from next week. A Noida company will manufacture 10,000 ventilators a month. In this way, encourage and thank the corona commandos around the world such as doctors, nurses, policemen, and scavengers. Our social workers involved in these difficult situations also have a different Only those who have done the work of distributing ration to the helpless and helpless people whose financial condition is not right, for whom they too Encourage and thank them. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has invited young data scientists, designers and innovators to participate in the campaign against the Kovid-19 epidemic. In this connection, a month-long hackathon has been started, through which digital solutions will be designed to meet the challenge of the worldwide epidemic.

 Covid-19 has a devastating effect on the health of millions of people as well as an unprecedented impact on everyday life. Due to the closure of the school during the lockout, more than one and a half billion children are not able to go to school. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched a massive online challenge “Samadhan” to test the ability of those students to do new research.  In this, students will suggest measures for the challenges faced by government agencies, health services, hospitals and other services. Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Porkharia Nishank tweeted, “Your (students) thoughts and innovation can be important in the challenging times of Corona virus epidemic. I urge you to come forward and participate in the Samadhan Challenge to help combat the Corona virus.”

According to the ministry release, The Innovation Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) have launched a mega online challenge “Samadhan” in collaboration with Forge and Innovation Courses.  It said that the students participating in this challenge will search for such measures to provide quick solutions to the challenges faced by government agencies, health services, hospitals and other services. Along with this, work will also be done to make citizens aware, motivate them to face any challenge, and help people get livelihood.

But what the impact of this will have on the world economy, governments around the world are thinking something. The government has announced the lockdown to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. This will keep people living in their homes, physical distancing will continue to spread the virus least. But the lockdown will have the greatest impact on the informal sector and 50 percent of our economy’s GDP comes from the informal sector. This area may not work during lockdown. In such a situation, raw materials can neither be bought nor manufactured goods can be sold in the market, then their earnings will stop, which will affect the economic health of the workers from the unskilled laborers. ”Our country  It has a large number of small factories and small scale industries. They will have cash problems as they will not earn.  These people are not even able to go to the bank, so they take a loan on high interest and then get stuck in the loan.  ” It is known that the cash problem had increased in the country since the demonetisation of 2016 and the economic downfall started at that time had the most impact on real estate, construction sector which is the largest employer of informal sector. Additionally, informal sectors include ferries, vendors, artists, small scale industries and cross-border trade. This sector is truly the lifeline of the Indian economy. Additionally, organized companies may suffer losses due to lockdown. Their condition may also worsen. People will sit at home from the lockdown, it will not work in companies, and how will business happen if the work is not done and how will the economy grow?  When people sit at home, taxi business, hotel sector, restaurants, films, multiplexes are all affected. The service for which people need to go out will have a profound impact. Those household items such as flour, rice, wheat, vegetables, milk and yogurt will be bought by people but luxury items such as TV, cars, AC, consumption of all these things will be reduced considerably.  One reason for this is that people will not go out of the house, so they will not buy all this.  The second will be that people have a lot of fear of losing their jobs because of that people will reduce spending money. To be fair, in this entire phase of lockdown and corona virus, the most impact will be on the aviation, tourism, hotel sector. The corona virus has not just been a global health crisis, but has also become a major labor market and economic crisis that will affect people in a big way. Due to the corona virus, 25 million jobs worldwide are in danger. The impact of this disaster is affecting the whole world.  Large countries and strong economies like China and America are helpless.  This will also push efforts to strengthen the economy through foreign investment in India, which is one of our favorite pastime. If foreign companies do not have money, then they will not show interest in investing. By the way, after the budget which has come down in the stock market, it can be easily estimated that the interest of foreign investors has now reduced in our economy.  And it may cause India’s economy to suffer losses of up to $ 348 million.  Europe’s Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has also reduced the forecast of India’s economy growth by 1.1 percent in 2020-21. The OECD had earlier projected that India’s economy would grow at 6.2 percent, but now reduced it to 5.1 percent.  This estimate is for the third week of March.  Now it has come down even further. According to Business Standard, international rating agency Standard & Poor’s has estimated India’s GDP growth for the fiscal year (2020-21) starting April 1. Has been reduced to 5.2 percent. Obviously, Corona will not be the only reason for reducing this rating, but the economic reasons before February will also be there. Corona’s impact will be reviewed only after the June 30 economic results.  But with this constant arrest, they will be less than this estimate.  Earlier, the GDP growth rate was estimated at 6.5 percent. These ratings were released in the last week of March, by which time the lock was down. Also, the rating agency has forecast a GDP growth rate of 6.9 percent for next year 2021-22. Earlier this estimate was 7 percent. Assuming the figures of Standard & Poor’s, the Asia-Pacific region could lose around $620 billion from Covid-19.


The demand for malaria medicine in the world has increased due to the use of corona virus, while the World Health Organization says that there is no concrete evidence of how effective it is in the treatment of corona virus.  US President Donald Trump has repeatedly mentioned in his briefing the hydroxychloroquine, a drug used in malaria. And Brajilprisdent Zaire Bolsonaro claim that hydroxychloroquine is working everywhere. Hydroxychloroquine has long been used to reduce malarial fever and is expected to be able to prevent the corona virus as well, but this has not been confirmed correctly. America, Britain, Spain and There are over 20 trials underway in China.  Cabinet Minister Michael Gov says that clinical trials are constantly being carried out on the effects of the anti-malarial drug on the corona virus in Britain. Several tests are also being conducted in the US to determine how effective it is in treating corona by combining drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. More than 20 trials are underway in the United States, Britain, Spain and China.  Cabinet minister Michael Gov says that clinical trials are being conducted continuously on the effects of the anti-malarial drug in the UK on the corona virus. People in Nigeria are still using it as a malaria drug.  In the month of February in China, after mentioning that hydroxychloroquine acts on the corona virus. Several tests are also being conducted in the US to determine how effective it is in treating corona by combining drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. More than 20 trials are underway in the United States, Britain, Spain and China.  Cabinet Minister Michael Gov says that clinical trials are constantly being carried out on the effects of the anti-malarial drug on the corona virus in Britain. In the US, several trials are being conducted to combine drugs like hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to be effective in treating corona. France has allowed its doctors to prescribe medicines to Corona patients but has also warned of its side effects.  The Health Minister of India has advised the workers working in the health sector to take hydroxychloroquine as a precaution, as well as on the advice of the doctor, those families who have confirmed any case of corona, should also take this medicine. However, the research institute of the Government of India has warned about its use and said that it is at the level of ‘experiment’ and emergency treatment.  In response should only use it.  Many countries in the Middle East have allowed its use here.  These countries include Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.  Bahrain claims that it has first used hydroxychloroquine on its Corona patient. As the possibility of this medicine being effective in the treatment of corona is being expressed, the demand has increased in many countries and its availability is decreasing.  Chloroquine and its related medicines are present in substantial quantities in developing countries. These drugs have been used in the treatment of malaria in these countries, although gradually the effect of this drug has reduced in the case of malaria due to being more resistant to malaria. India is a major producer of these medicines.  India has banned its exports.  US President Donald Trump has requested India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give this medicine to America. The BBC’s Daniel Semeniorima has reported that people in Lagos are ignoring this advice and are engaged in protecting themselves.  It also has serious consequences. Lagos officials say that many people are seriously ill with an overdose of hydroxychloroquine. Even after the formation of Corona virus vaccine, the whole world is focused on the treatment of Corona virus and Vaccine, but even then the challenges are no less difficult. The lockdown eased in some states, some did not relieve, the case doubling rate was reduced. In the midst of the growing outbreak of the Corona Virus, all eyes in the world are eyeing its quest for treatment from the city of Wuhan, China This disease has spread to 210 countries. Trials are being done on medicines used for many diseases ranging from malaria. Meanwhile, many researchers anticipate that there will be many challenges after the discovery of the vaccine. Currently, most researchers agree that it may take 12 to 18 months to treat the corona virus and detect the vaccine. But they also believe that this medicine or vaccine is not possible to reach every patient in the world.  In this case, production capabilities will depend on many things. How will the medicine be made?  How easy or difficult it will be to produce. Will the pharmaceutical companies be able to make the medicine and how much difficulty can they face in becoming competent?  Will they be able to increase their production capacity as per the need?  There will be many such questions. Coronavirus cases are increasing continuously across the country.  So far, more than 20 thousand infection cases have been reported in India. The situation in India is currently under control to a great extent on the corona virus compared to other countries.  Amid the ongoing lockdown in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) wrote a blog on Linkedin on Sunday which he shared on his Twitter account.  PM Modi wrote on Twitter that as the world is fighting the Kovid-19 transition, at such a time, the energetic and newly used youth of India can show the way for a healthy and prosperous future. The Prime Minister writes that the third decade of this century the mess has started. Covid-19 has brought many troubles with itself. The Corona virus has made major changes in the whole framework of professional life. These days, the house is a new office. The internet is a new meeting room.  Wall break is a thing of the past. I too am adopting these changes.  Most meetings with fellow ministers, officials and global leaders take place only through video conferencing. Apart from this, I call many people every day and take feedback from different sections of the society. The Government of India also has many Methods Adopting handheld digital payments is a prime example of adaptability.  Small and big shop owners should invest in digital devices so that they stay connected with commerce, especially in times of crisis.  India is already seeing an encouraging growth in digital transactions. Let us develop business models that prioritize taking care of the poor, the vulnerable as well as the earth. We must invest in new practices to ensure that our Farmers have access to information, machinery and markets, and whatever the situation may be, our citizens have access to essential commodities. The corona virus, which is spreading from the city of Wuhan, China, has killed about 132 people so far.  Many cases of corona virus are also seen outside China.  High alert has been issued at Indian airports as the threat of virus increases outside China’s borders.  The Research Council under the Ministry of AYUSH has also issued advisory explaining the benefits of the benefits of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani Medicines. Be clean and do not let dirt spread around you.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds. Mix things like musta, purpat, ushir and sandalwood in 1 liter of hot water and keep it in a bottle and drink it when thirsty. Hands on eyes, nose or mouth Song Wash hands immediately after. Avoid coming in contact with the patient. Keep hands on the mouth while coughing or sneezing.  After this, wash hands thoroughly with soap. Apart from public places and work places, wear N95 mask on the mouth while walking outside. Wearing a mask when you see symptoms of corona virus and contact your nearest hospital, drink 10 to 20 mL of sorbet Unnab twice daily. – Take 5 grams of Tirayak Najal daily. – Drink 3-5 grams of Khamira Marwarid.  Massage the head and chest with Kafuri balm. – Drink 4-8 ​​drops of extracts of azure in clean water. During this time, he claimed, in Unani medicines to prevent corona infection Drugs like Sharbat Unnab, Tiriyakarba, Tiranak Najla, Khamira Marwarid can prove to be effective.  Along with this, the Ministry had also advised people to keep cleanliness. The Ayush Ministry had advised people to avoid corona virus infection with Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Pepper and Pippali.  However, no such confirmation has been made by the World Health Organization.  However, these remedies can prove effective in increasing the immunity of the body.  But it is not right to ask for the treatment of Corona. There is a Minister of State in the AYUSH Ministry of the Central Government. In a press conference on 2 April, he claimed that Prince Charles, the heir to the British Empire, had recovered from covid-19 with the use of Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines. Naik also said that Prince Charles’s recovery proves “valid for our thousands of years old practice”. The source of this information of the minister was an Ayurvedic doctor from Bengaluru. In this press briefing, Naik said, “I got a call from Dr. Isaac Mathai. He runs the Soukya Ayurveda Resort in Bengaluru. He told me that his treatment of Prince Charles with Ayurveda and Homeopathy was successful. But how much truth is there that Homeopathy has cured his corona virus infection? Indian media has published a lot but it has no place in British newspapers The BBC reports that there is no mention of Prince Charles recovering from treatment of homeopathy.


If there is some uncertainty about the world that is suffering from an outbreak of the Corona virus, many new possibilities have also arisen which are expected to bring many changes in the world.  It is uncertain how the disease will come under control and because of this, how long the reverse-order system will remain a victim of chaos.  Looking at the possibilities, it seems that from this change, the world will take many lessons that will build confidence and put before us the real paradigm of humanity.  First to change is a disease called Kovid-19.  The first thing that is going to change with a disease called Kovid-19, corona virus infection is normal human behavior and our routine.  Today it is common human behavior not to keep distance with their family, friends, co-workers and hitchhikers as if they came from another planet. That is, shake hands with them when needed and embrace them whenever they get a chance. Participate in mass events such as birthdays or promotional parties, weddings and other public celebrations.  Now there are also suggestions that if your behavior in public places is not friendly and slightly hostile, it should be considered a common practice in the transitional phase. To avoid corona disease, wearing a common mask, washing hands periodically has been given several times.  People in the former, but later Corona world, may pay more attention to these precautions.  It has been observed that many times diseases take chaotic form due to ignoring the common cough and cold and go out of control.  It is now possible that there will be some improvement in this matter. Also, the Research Council under the Ministry of AYUSH has also issued an advisory explaining the benefits of the benefits of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani Medicines. Stay clean. Unani to prevent infection of coronas In medicines, medicines like Sharabat Unnab, Tiriyakarba, Tiranak Najla, Khamira Marwarid may prove to be effective.  Along with this, the Ministry had also advised people to keep cleanliness. The Ayush Ministry advised people to avoid the infection of corona virus with Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Pepper and Pippali. Republic health officials in the US have estimated that 70% of the US population may be exposed to coronovirus, which causes the deadly disease COVID-19.  Officials have warned that the American hospital system may be filled with coronovirus patients.  The fear of the virus is filling the hearts and minds of people around the world.  As cases of coronovirus (Kovid-19) are increasing, the concern of coronovirus in people is also increasing.  “Their second meaning is that people are getting infected with coronovirus.”  Mentally, there is growing concern about coronavir in people.  Today we are seeing headlines everywhere (TV, radio, newspaper, internet, phone calls, social media, etc.) and wondering “what is going to happen next?”  How it will be affected or worse things / situation may happen further.  But there are many things that you can do – even to face this massive crisis – to control / reduce or eliminate your anxiety (fear) and fear.  But there are many things that you can do – even in the face of this huge crisis – you can control / reduce your anxiety and fear or eliminate it completely.  There may be a break on news and social media.  Take care of yourself, exercise, talk to people, understand the facts and remember, breathe freely.  And finally, our advice.  Do not worry, be happy, make yourself and people around you aware.  Our doctors, health experts, our governments and other officials are engaged day and night in dealing with this epidemic.


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