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The theory of learning of the Gestalt psychologist Kohler is called insight theory. Everyone must have seen fruit falling down from a tree, but only Newton thought about why it fell down, why it did not go up. Then he finally found out that the force of gravity pulls something down. A sudden thought is an insight. One night, the great French mathematician Poincaré was lying in bed after being engrossed in a problem of geometry for fifteen days. He could not sleep, and suddenly the problem started flashing in his mind, and he got the solution to his problem. Similarly, the great musician Naushad often had insights into the music of his dreams. Just as these moments of insight are crucial in solving complex problems, academic work can also benefit from sudden breakthroughs. For those seeking assistance in creating well-crafted academic papers, ghostwriter klausur offers expert help, allowing scholars to achieve their own moments of insight in their academic endeavors.

There is a count in the film ‘Mela’: ‘Dharti ko aakash pukare’, in which the tune was not being made by Naushad. One night he suddenly heard in a dream that someone was singing on the perfect tone of the music to him. He also told about insight in the songs of the film ‘Anmol Ghadi’ and ‘Babul’. Naushad had an insight into the song ‘Awaaz De Kahan Hai’ in ‘Anmol Ghadi’.This shows that the insight helps in what a person puts in his heart any thing.imagination is the basis of Insight. Scientists, mathematicians, poets and writers get success only by understanding. Seeing birds flying, the Wright brothers imagined that humans could also fly. Ramanujan, the great mathematician, would have seen mathematical problems solved in his dream and would have got up at the same time to write it down. Kekule Von Stradonitz, the scientist who gave the structural formula of benzene, also dreamed of a snake seizing its tail and taking it in its mouth. Whose poetry becomes nature, by their tongue stanzas are automatically raised. The poetry of Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Dinkara and John Keats etc. was natural or, saying poetry was their nature.Therefore, there is a need to inculcate imagination to bring creativity in children.  

Kohler Experiment on Chimpanzee

There is a very interesting story. A boy who was hyperactive in school. His hyperactivity would make people call him crooks. He doesn’t even like to read. Whenever Guruji had to order something from the shop or market, he would send it to bring it. They think that if he does not read, then he does work only. Months passed.  It is a matter of one day that the boy came weeping to Guruji and said,” Sir, if I continue to work in the same way every day, when will I study? ” Guruji said, “Okay son, put your mind to study.” A word came to the child’s mind that he should study. 

Kohler made many experiments on an orangutan named Sultan, in which one experiment is particularly notable, Experiment on box problem. In this experiment, Sultan was locked in a large room with a banana hanging from the ceiling. Three boxes were also kept in one corner of this room. Sultan was hungry, so when his eyes fell on the banana, he jumped and tried to get it. But, even after doing this several times, he did not get success because the banana was very high.Then he turned his attention to the box in the corner and he was excited and happy. Immediately he picked up a box and placed it just below the hanging banana. From this he jumped and wanted to get the banana. But he was unable.Then put the second box on the first box and wanted to get the banana.He was also unable in second attempt. After this again put the third box on both of those boxes and this time he jumped up and got the banana. Later in such an experimental situation, he reduced the jump and got the banana by placing the three boxes directly on each other. Meaning that Sultān’s attention went to the box kept in the room, then suddenly he realized that by placing these boxes on each other, the distance of the banana hanging from the ceiling would be reduced and he would get the banana. 

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