Lockdown and education: Corona Effect


Due to the current corona epidemic, the Government of India has given a one-week vacation to the students from the beginning, from 16th March to 21st March 2020 and all educational work was stopped during this time. Then one day Janta Curfew organized by PM Modi on 22nd March 2020, Sunday.

But even in these times, the daily cases of Corona were increasing. Under such circumstances, the country had no choice, exclude lockdown. So, on 23rd March 2020, Narendra Modi (PM of India) was announced at 8.30 pm, a lockdown of 21 days from 24th March 2020 to 14th April 2020.

Under such circumstances, several dilemmas arose regarding the examination of school-colleges across the state. In the meanwhile, the education department of the state government announced mass promotion at the school level (excluding Std. 10 and 12), but instead of giving the students exams, they should be taken to the upper class. But mass promotion is not possible in the colleges because if this is done, there are chances of injustice for many students. In it, the state government’s education department has declared summer vacations in schools and colleges on 15th April 2020 to 16th May 2020. Under such circumstances, logic arguments are underway from UGC counselling on the university exams in the coming days. However, if the exams are taken, it will be a good thing and the students will be properly evaluated.

Activities for students to perform during a lockdown:

  1. Students have never had such an educational vacation for so many days before, and even if they have received, they will still be exempt from home or over-fever. But there are no such allowanced on current vacation. So, in such a situation, students will surround the subject which is weak. E.g. Diagrammatic questions, questions with various examples, etc. can be prepared well by practicing the questions.
  2. Education can be used to write useful activities such as poster making (different ideas and themes), short stories, etc.
  3. Instead of misusing it through the internet, a variety of educational information related material can be searched.
  4. Playing mobile games etc. relieves the stresses on the brain and misuses the internet instead of using it.
  5. Students have some extra talent such as dancing, singing, swimming, learning to play various musical instruments, etc. The things you learn at home can be done without harming yourself and others.

Thus, in many such educational activities, the child does not move out of his or her home. Thus, he/she does not suffer from Corona or does not allow others to become corona patients. Therefore, as a vigilant citizen, it is also the duty of every parent and guardian that we do not allow our child or guardian to leave the house and look after them in all such educational activities and we and our children stay at home and contribute to the welfare of the nation.



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